COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

This relentless virus that seems intent on consuming the human race has restricted freedom of movement, caused immense damage to the world’s economy, commerce and manufacturing processes together with heartbreak and sorrow to the wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends of the tens of thousands that succumbed to the vicious attacks.

The world of philately that we all love passionately has fallen victim with exhibitions of all sizes being cancelled or postponed and we are all experiencing something that none of us have seen before. These are no longer normal times and adjustments by us all have to be made in order to compensate for changing times and situations.

In the middle of March 2020 Thai Post temporarily suspended acceptance of any mail addressed to overseas destinations, due to limited air traffic and lack of aircraft cargo space which is reserved for essential medical and life saving goods.

This suspension is still in force and to counter this I will continue accepting orders from my website and directly scanned offers despite being unable to ship them for the time being.

I will be providing Invoices to customers and giving them the option of delaying payment until Thai Post resume services with all ordered goods packaged ready for shipping and stored securely by me.

For those of you ordering direct from the website, I’ve added a ‘BUY NOW, PAY LATER‘ option to the check-out. This will allow you to place an order without payment upfront. Then, when Thai Post resumes service, I’ll email you an invoice so you can pay for your order.

Alternatively, you can simply email me ( providing full details of Name, Shipping Address and the five digit SKU numbers of the products you wish to purchase. I’ll then keep the product(s) stored securely for you until Thailand’s International postal services resumes.

Customers can settle invoices once they receive email confirmation from me that services have been restored and ordered products will be shipped via trackable means within 48 hours of cleared payment being received.

Shipping costs will be free of charge.

This is inconvenient for all concerned but a service that I am prepared to provide to help you keep your collections growing, albeit initially from a distance.

With best wishes and stay well.

— Mike White