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1885 (Apr 15) longer plain envelope registered to Capt. George H. Cook, Asst. Quartermaster, Davids Camp bearing US Banknote issue strip 3 x 2 cent tied New York/R duplex R date stamp & with violet unframed Apr 24 1885 hand stamp with blue crayon manuscript Proposals In Roof & Pumps + red framed Qr. Ms. General’s Office /Received Apr 25 /1885 with amnuscript 7/2255 inserted in red ink with on reverse violet framed Dept Quartermasters Office /Received Apr 20 1885 /David’s Island N.Y. hand stamps ……Military use of the island dates back to 1861 when the 3rd Regt. of the Irish Brigade established Camp Carrigan. In 1862 the island was used during the civil war when De Camp General Hospital was established to serve the wounded & sick from the battlefields & housing 2100 + patients……Ref : Wikipedia

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