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“1938 (Oct 13) Plain envelope by airmail to The President, Vrouwenclub, Vereeniging de Nederlansche, Amsterdam & forwarded locally bearing Winged Globe 30c tied Boston, Mass duplex 1 & with Amsterdam-Centraal Station (25 Oct) arrival cds & on reverse MRA / Moral Re-Armament promotion label….In 1938 Europe was rearming militarily. Frank Buchman, who had been the driving force behind the Oxford Group, was convinced that military rearmament alone would not resolve the crisis. At a meeting of 3,000 in East Ham Town Hall, London, on 29 May 1938, he launched a campaign for Moral Re-Armament. “”The crisis is fundamentally a moral one,”” he said. “”The nations must re-arm morally. Moral recovery creates not crisis but confidence and unity in every phase of life.”” Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_Re-Armament There was a similar response in the United States. The Mayor of New York City declared 7-14 May to be “”MRA week’, and 14,000 people came to Madison Square Garden on 14 May for the public launch. Moral Re-Armament also became established in many countries of continental Europe, but it was suppressed in all the countries occupied by Nazi Germany. In Norway and elsewhere MRA leaders were imprisoned.”

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