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1941 (Jun 11) Printed envelope imprinted Mod. A. F. 3-41 together with enclosure to Mme Vve Beaughard, Biszat apparently being a warning that she has failed to submit the necessary annual declaration to the authorities bearing Pair x Peace 50c on 90c tied Geleine Allier cds & with 4 line green Pour la ZONE LIBRE, addresser la correspondence, ! Rue des Bretins, LA MADELEINE, pres Moulin’s & on reverse single ring Biszat Allier (18 Jun) arrival cds ……. The enclosure roughly translated says..We note that although being subject to the law on family allowances, we have not yet submitted to our Fund the annual declaration which is obligatory by the said law. Serious control to be made in a short time and sanctions to be taken against the refractories, we have seen fit to make you notice in what situation you are currently If you want to regularize your situation, what we think, you will want to introduce yourself with your family book at our local secretary, Mr. SADOURNY Jean at the castle of BICZAT If you are an operator you will indicate the exact exact area of your farm if you are a craftsman or other agricultural profession you will indicate the personnel you occupy. Please accept, Madam, the assurance of respectful things   “The director”

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