1945 MOROCCO – EGYPT…RAF BASE CENSOR No. 2…. [18569]


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1945 (May 14) picture postcard entitled “Sefrou – Une Rue Centrale da la Ville Nouvelle” to Cpl. W. Bee, Palace Hotel, Heliopolis, RAF MEF from 1454911 Cpl. Trathen A. who writes “I know you will say Lucky Dog. Oh Boy .. What a Reception we got Tony, Eric & Chippy James & myself, the pool is dull Life in Full Swing is Simply Grand” bearing Maroc 2f40c tied Field Post Office 572 (22 May) cds with alongside violet circular Eagle /Passed By RAF Base Censor /No 2 (22 May) hand stamp type R20/2……..Colley & Garrard record the use of R20/2 in Algeria between 14 May 43 – 12 Feb 45….time between written & cancelled at the FPO & Base is 8 days & although Proud attributes FPO 572 to Alexandria perhaps it was in Algeria along with RAF Base Censor No 2…

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