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1973 (Dec 1) longer airmail envelope registered to German Red Cross at Bonn from Red Cross Delegation at Boa-Loc bearing 1971 Rice Harvest pair 1p + 1971 Hog Deer pair 9p + 1971 Rice Harvest strip 6 x 30p making 200p rate tied Boa-Loc cds & with R /No 385 registration label with hand struck Boa-Loc inserted & with on back Saigon (3 Dec) transit cds ………The USA involvement in Viet Nam did not cease after the Paris agreement of Jan 1973. The USA signed over a number of Bases complete with equipment including aircraft & helicopters to the Vietnamese Forces thus giving them the 4th largest Air Force in the world, this coupled to the 9000+ US Servicemen’s resignation of commissions to enable them to be legally employed as civilians by the Vietnamese Government while at the same time Nixon continued to keep his promise to provide 4.75 billion $ in reconstruction aid & resume bombing if a cease fire failed consequently dropped 250,000 tons of Bombs on Cambodia during the next 6 months from Jan 73 as well as heavily bombing Laos…..Maybe reconstruction was miss read as destruction !!!

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